Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Achieving Transplantation Tolerance in Recipients of Heart and Lung Allografts

Despite improvements in the early post-transplant survival of thoracic organs, registry data show that the graft half-life is only 11 years for heart recipients and 5 years for lung recipients. Infection accounts for 33% of cardiac and 40% of lung transplant recipient death between day 31 and one year post transplant. After 5 years, cardiac allograft vasculopathy (30%), and malignancy (23%) cause most cardiac recipient deaths, while bronchiolitis obliterans (43%) and malignancy (12%) cause most lung recipient deaths. These sobering statistics emphasize the limitations of chronically administered immunosuppression. We need to achieve long term graft survival and prevent chronic rejection without the use of long term immunosuppression.

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