Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Addressing Health Inequities through Nontraditional Partnerships

What non-traditional partnerships can be leveraged to address health inequities?

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Details on the impact of addressing this CQ or CC:

- Broaden reach to underserved populations

- Increase ability to generate evidence based solutions to address health inequities

- Bring expertise and resources to core partner (NIH)

- Enhance ability to identify unanticipated problems and strengthen efforts across all phases of the implementation research agenda

Feasibility and challenges of addressing this CQ or CC:


- Increased emphasis on health and health inequities by non-profit and particularly, for-profit organizations

- Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes both general and explicit provisions that could narrow the health disparities gaps through implementation research.

- Can leverage and build upon current research partnerships that exist between government agencies and health care delivery systems to address questions of major public health importance

- Opportune time to employ implementation research addressing health inequities through non-traditional research partnership with sectors such as education, state and local government, transportation (built environment), penal and re-entry systems (health risks and disparities), ministries of health, and for-profits, foundations, and non-profits with health care focus.






- Risk of disagreements and friction among partners and management with different priorities


- Synchronization of timing for decision making


- Achieving partners’ concurrence on decisions that provide the most cost effective solutions


- Time needed to establish trust among partners that do not routinely partner to address health inequities


- There are limited resources dedicated to fostering Public Private Partnerships

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