Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Advancing the science of translating evidence into practice

What are the best ways for the NHLBI to advance the evolving science of translating robust evidence into clinical practice domestically and globally?

How to personalize broad research evidence for individual patients?

How to predict and evaluate the impact of evidence-based interventions?

How to identify implementation methods available in industry and elsewhere that work best and are most translatable in healthcare?

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Details on the impact of addressing this CQ or CC:

• Reduce mortality and morbidity

• Improved quality of life

• Higher proportion of people receiving evidence-based care and at goal for that care

• Reduced disparities in health and healthcare

Feasibility and challenges of addressing this CQ or CC:


• Lack of research methodology in this area – may need new scientific approaches


• Lack of current capacities and capabilities in this area


• Current silos that separate research enterprise from industry, as well as NHLBI from other ICs


• Divisions between performance of clinical trials and implementation research


• Lack of clarity which federal agencies and NIH Institutes are ‘in charge’ of implementation and/or prioritize this as part of their mission and budget


• Lack of wide sharing of best practices of other implementation models


• Improving the science in this area needs to include methods and metrics development


• The accumulated knowledge of clinical trialists and implementation researchers is often not shared

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