Goal 4: Develop Workforce and Resources

Basic and Clinical Multi-disciplinary Partnerships to Understand Lung Disease

Basic scientists and clinicians have different training and bring different perspectives to lung disease research. Additionally, mechanisms that facilitate interactions of scientists from different fields may improve communication and facilitate novel ideas for lung disease research. I would like to see a funding mechanism that encouraged such partnerships in addressing fundamental disease questions and/or treatments. Such projects should combine compelling basic science and perhaps animal models along with human-based research.

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This mechanisms could bring more perspectives to bear on questions in lung disease and would facilitate multi-disciplinary interactions and ideas.

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If single awards, budgets would need to be large enough to allow for funding basic science as well as providing dollars to collect clinical samples. It should be possible to support some core facility infrastructure if needed and allow a budget that could account for basic scientists, animal work, study coordinators, clinicians, etc. Perhaps the RFA could require at least 3 different fields to be represented to try to facilitate multi-disciplinary approaches. Such a mechanism could help replace the loss of grants like SCOR grants and PPGs.

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