Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Consequences of ABO or Rh Type Specific versus Non-Type Specific Platelet Transfusions

What are the consequences, clinically and immunologically, of ABO or Rh type specific vs. non-type specific platelet transfusions? There is widely varying practice as to ABO and Rh matching of platelets for transfusion. Most studies demonstrate that use of ABO unmatched (non-identical) platelets are associated with increased 1) platelet refractoriness (small randomized trials), 2) red cell transfusion needs and hemolysis, 3) organ injury, 4) transfusion reactions and 5) mortality (observational studies). Does Rh or other RBC blood group alloimmunization influence trauma outcomes, time to engraftment in stem cell transplant or results of massive transfusion protocols.

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