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Definitive Evidence of the Effectiveness of Pulmonary Rehabilitation

What is the clinical effectiveness of pulmonary rehabilitation in reducing hospital admissions and readmissions, improving health outcomes such as exercise tolerance and dyspnea, and positively impacting patient centered outcomes. Does this effectiveness vary based on the types of settings rehab is conducted in, urban vs rural environments, the components to the program, the timing of the program and the overall support provided within the program.

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Pulmonary rehabilitation is a critical component in the treatment of COPD patients but several barriers persist that have resulted in very limited access to rehab, low referral rates for eligible patients and limited standardization of best practices within the rehab facilities that do exist. Large, definitive studies accounting for patient subgroups, site characteristics and program components can generate the level of evidence needed to expand access, educate providers and improve referral systems and create quality programs. This level of evidence is necessary to change policy to properly value the role of pulmonary rehabilitation and to convince integrated health systems in a value based market that pulmonary rehabilitation is beyond a doubt, a requirement of providing quality COPD care.

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