Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Developing Methods and Metrics for T4 Outcomes and Impact

How can methods and metrics capable of conducting high quality T4 research be developed to accurately capture outcomes and the overall impact new T4 knowledge has on population health for heart, lung, blood, sleep diseases and disorders?

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High quality T4 research methods and metrics are needed to move the field of T4 translation research forward while linking large data sets from different sources.

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Demand for high quality methods, metric and evaluation of T4 translation research interest is growing and needs to be addressed immediately to move the field forward.

Recent IOM/NRC studies recommended that the NIH and other research funding agencies support the development of more refined analytic methods and study designs for cross-national health research. These methods should include innovative study designs, creative uses of existing data, and novel analytical approaches to better elucidate the complex causal pathways. The T4 field has some specific metrics including acceptability, reach, adoption, appropriateness, feasibility, fidelity, cost, penetration, and sustainability, each with its standard measurement approach. In addition to a rigorous study design, including these metrics along with population level impact direct measures (e.g., morbidity, mortality) and intermediate measures (e.g. blood pressure reduction) will be critical to assess what has been accomplished and to define success. Finally, measuring the overall impact of new knowledge generated from T4 research is challenging because publication bibliometrics of high impact scholarly journals may not fully capture it.

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