Goal 4: Develop Workforce and Resources

Development of IT tools to rapidly access key portions of the EHR

As the volume of information in EHR has continued to increase, one of the current challenges is how to find key pieces of information within the EHR. For example if a patient presents to the ED with Chest Pain as chief complaint, key information for that patient related to this chief complaint should be retrieved by the IT system and presented to the clinician for review such as prior ECG's, prior work-ups including any stress testing, prior cardiology consultation etc. At the present time, a clinician has to search for these actively and they can be missed leading to added delays and costs in care. A built in Artificial Intelligent process to screen databases based on a chief complaint would complement the clinicians care.

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Speed clinical care and reduce costs

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Should be feasible but would require some partnering with HIS and AI companies to move this forward.

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