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Epigenetics and Genomics

There is a need to target epigenetic mechanisms as new treatment options for hematologic disorders.

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Advances in the field of epigenetics and the understanding of various epigenetic mechanisms has provided a completely new ensemble of therapeutic targets for treating hematologic disorders – both non-malignant and malignant. These mechanisms have enormous implications for understanding the molecular underpinnings of the normal orderly development of hematologic disorders. Although one of the greatest challenges in effectively treating hematologic disorders is the diversity of molecular abnormalities that underlie a disease, there are a number of common threads emerging, including alterations in proteins that function through epigenetic mechanisms. Additional research focusing on epigenetic alterations and emerging targets is needed to identify the role of such proteins in the development of hematologic disorders in order to design potential targeted treatments to counter their effects. This research will further lay the groundwork for precision medicine, and will help to provide more insight on potentially critical determinants of responsiveness to therapeutic regimens.

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