Goal 1: Promote Human Health

Evaluation of large-scale regulatory efforts in the US and elsewhere

A number of cities(e.g Berkeley), states and countries (e.g Mexico's SSB tax, Chiles SSB and soon marketing controls and food package front of package label) will go into effect. Rigorous evaluations of the efforts will provide some sense of their potential to effect food purchase and dietary pattern and ultimately cardiometaboiic changes. Serious rigorous independent evaluations are needed to learn if these options--pushed so hard byt he IOM and public helath community work and for whom and under what circumstances. Reducing obesity and enhancing diet are key outcomes along with obesity-related NCD's.

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We must learn what we can from the natural experiments not only in the US but globally about both the effects of these efforts on food industry behavior as well as household and individual food purchases and dietary patterns and subsequently their effects on obesity and key cardiometabolic outcomes. This requires serious rigorous teams of scholars to utilize a combination of commercial data sets on food purchases, individual diet, body composition measures of obesity and fat composition and biomarkers.

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These efforts are occurring and will be accelerating across many countries in Asia and Latin America. At the same time many cities or states in the US are moving to implement limited sets of key changes. There is a pressing need to learn if these efforts truly will matter and what changes would be needed to enhance their impact, if any. Finding large-scale regulatory ways to reduce improve our diets, prevent/reduce the prevalence of obesity and all the diet and obesity-related NCD's is critical.

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