Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Gene Therapies to Revitalize/Regenerate Cardiac Function

There is a need to examine the use of recombinant DNA to the heart for correction of genetic abnormalities or restoration of normal signaling pathways to prevent heart failure. However, gene therapy is a complex process and more studies are needed in which tissue targeting, route of delivery, regulation of target gene expression, therapeutic dose, and identification of robust biomarkers are further investigated.

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Successful gene therapy could restore or improve the condition of heart failure patients, especially when medications have been unsuccessful.

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There have already been human trials of gene therapy in heart failure patients with positive outcomes.

Improvements in cardiac revascularization and medical therapies have significantly reduced cardiovascular-related deaths; however, the number of patients developing heart failure (HF) has steadily increased. One explanation is that surgery and medical therapies are palliative, but do not address the molecular pathogenesis of HF.

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