Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Genome Profiling

There is a need to facilitate the integration of genomic and epigenomic profiling into drug discovery efforts by using genomic methods to sequence and analyze blood disease subtypes.

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Despite the important information that has been generated from sequencing studies in various blood disorders, for many hematologic disease subtypes, the limited scope of sequencing and the insufficient number of cases sequenced has prevented researchers from gaining truly useful insights. Whole-genome sequencing of large numbers of samples, with an emphasis on poorly studied and rare entities, is required to fully define the landscape of genetic changes underlying the development of blood diseases. Further, genetic and epigenetic alterations that drive hematologic diseases and the extent to which normal cells are distinct from malignant cells needs to be more broadly elucidated since many blood diseases, including hematopoietic cancers, disturb epigenetic regulators. The knowledge gained from understanding these processes and integrating genomic and epigenomic profiles could provide additional precision medicine opportunities and guide drug discovery efforts.

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