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Hand Held Device to treat PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury

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Hand held vagus nerve stimulator for PTSD and traumatic brain injury

PTSD may be similar to depression and epilepsy.

Traumatic brain injury may relate to nerve injury and nerve inflammation

Vagus nerve stimulation causes nerve function regeneration. Vagus nerve stimulation stops inflammation.

Vagus nerve stimulation treats depression.

Vagus nerve stimulation treats epilepsy.

Vagus nerve stimulation may treat PTSD and traumatic brain injury. German outer ear clamp stimulates the vagus nerve.

To safely stimulate the vagus nerve you need:

1. external ear clamp (Germans already make) 2. Power source

3. Wave generator

4. Safety feedback loop

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This could revolutionize the treatment of PTSD and traumatic brain injury. No drugs, no surgery.

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App is in development.

Power source and electrical wave generator produced by Apple

Stimulator cord produced by Apple.

Ear Stimulator in production by General Motors Global Research and Development.

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