Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

How to organize artificial pulsatile propelling of blood maintaining the balanced circulation?

Venous pressure, being very low, distends (deforms) the ventricle - but due to elastic or viscous law of deformation? Elastic deformation depends on stress (pressure) only and the viscous one - on stress and time. When pressures are low you can't get large distention due to stress only (time-independent) unlike the case when you apply low stress and long time interval. If we want to use venous pressure as one of regulators of the work of artificial heart it is necessary to program ventricular filling according to viscous deformation. The approach permits to deduce the equation which balances heart rate, direct proportionality of Frank-Starling's law and pressures at venous and arterial basins.bioRxiv doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1101/009522

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