Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

I challenge you to invest money and research into a cure for Sarcoidosis

My critical challenge is for you to find a cure for Sarcoidosis.

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Sarcoidosis is so poorly understood. Patients suffer in silence with little or no help from the medical community. In order to manage their disease process, patients are forced to see numerous doctors to address the different organs affected by this disease. Patients are expected to work, while struggling with fatigue, pain and other symptoms. They are expected to complain little. If they complain too much, they are labeled problem patients. A cure for this disease must be pursued.

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The challenges associated with addressing this critical challenge is that the disease varies greatly among the affected patients. Money is also a huge issue. The fact that this disease is viewed as primarily affecting minorities and as only a disease of the lungs are huge hurdles in anyone having a desire to pursue a cure.

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