Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Identification of autoantigens that elicit pathogenic immune responses in cardiovascular diseases

Pathogenic immune responses participate in the pathogenesis of many cardiovascular diseases. However, the autoantigens and foreign antigens that elicit the pathogenic immune responses have been poorly identified. Currently, the regulatory mechanisms on immune responses associated with diseases got some attentions. But, without detailed characterizations of this wide spectrum of autoantigens and foreign antigens in patients and in experimental animal models, we could not develop any significant, antigen-specific novel immune therapeutics in controlling the pathogenic immune responses.

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1) use peptide/protein based microarray to antibody autoimmune responses associated with each major cardiovascular diseases;

2) use MHC tetra-mers or similar techniques to characterize T cell autoimmune responses associated with each major cardiovascular diseases;

3) determine autoantigen repertoire changes in patients' responses to current therapies, especially therapies with immune modulating effects;

4) develop autoantigens-based immune therapies for clinical trials

Name of idea submitter and other team members who worked on this idea: Professor Xiaofeng Yang, MD, PhD, Professor Hong Wang, MD, PhD, Professor Klaus Ley, MD


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