Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Implementation of T4 Translation Research Platforms and Networks

How can cost-effective implementation of late stage translation (T4) research protocols be facilitated for heart, lung, blood, sleep diseases and health inequities?

Can research platforms and networks be created and utilized to facilitate execution of multi-level interventions and approaches for the end user in collaboration with key stake holders?

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Answering this question would lead to timely implementation and dissemination of new knowledge that will be available to address the current heart, lung, blood, sleep health burden.

One of NHLBI’s current strategic plan’s goals is to translate research knowledge for use in populations so that it has significant positive health impacts and provides a return on investment from discovery and early translation research. Currently, only a fraction of new knowledge yielded from proven effective early stage translation research is being used in the real world – resulting in an avoidable disease burden. Late stage translation (T4) research studies the implementation of proven-effective interventions at a multi-level to include populations, communities, healthcare systems, providers, families and patients. Conducting T4 research requires development of comprehensive research teams across communities, public health and health care delivery systems, families, and patients along with unique translation T4 research methods and metrics. Because resource intensive infrastructure is needed to conduct high quality T4 research and this infrastructure is not widely or readily available, a platforms and network for conducting protocols will prove efficient and provide high quality standard outputs.

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The NHLBI Health Inequities Think Tank highly recommended that creating T4 translation research platforms and networks would meet the needs of the scientific community enabling them to respond to the heart, lung, blood, sleep health burden.

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