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National cardiac arrest registry

Cardiac arrest registries are needed to measure and improve the process and outcome of resuscitation care and provide a platform for exploring insight into risk factors, prognosis, and the effectiveness of interventions for out-of-hospital (OHCA) and in-hospital cardiac arrest (IHCA).

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develop registry provide contemporary data of local, regional and nation wide EMS practices in managing OHCA to address and develop successful resuscitation strategies across gender, age and race categories.

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combining ROC (Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium) and CARES (Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival), the two largest North American existing OHCA registries have different (regional) foot print, quality control measures and thus goals. CARES was developed as U.S. based surveillance registry across majority of states and not a research database; therefore, collected only the minimum number of data elements that are known to be essential in the response and treatment of OHCA. ROC is a North American registry conducted at 10 major regions with a detailed and high quality CPR process data providing not only the OHCA rates but also detailed CPR characteristics. Combining a large geographic foot print with sites with established quality controls would offer insight into rural, suburban and urban OHCA resuscitation dynamics on which resuscitation strategies would be based.

It is well recognized that there are marked variations in survival from OHCA and IHCA among centers as well temporal trends, however, factors associated with it are incompletely understood. Ongoing quality data are needed to advance our understanding of resuscitation care, as well as variations in EMS/ED practices.

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