Goal 1: Promote Human Health

New technologies for Personalized health monitoring: too much or not enough

The development of personalized medicine and the increasing amount of information extracted from individual and patients throughout their life is expected to growth significantly. Multiple types of physiological sensors are currently embedded in everyday-life objects and yet their clinical value and their potential to improve health care is not well defined. It seems fundamental that the NIH develops a core research group/ program for the development of a comprehensive review of the current technologies, their expected benefits in order to help the scientific community to orient their effort toward the most relevant components.

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The impact of this compelling question would promote the development of the right technologies for monitoring physiological signals at long-term. Also, this question should be addressed in collaboration with other federal agencies and institutes such as the NSF and the FDA. Both these agencies are currently supporting and reviewing new-long term technologies but the understanding of the impact of these novel techniques remains to be studied.

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