Goal 1: Promote Human Health

Predictive analytics to engage healthy behaviors and maintain health while reducing cost

Predictive Health employs the principle that using modern health testing and predictive analytics will better define true health (not just absence of disease) and, in combination with large-scale data analytics, will facilitate predicting deviations from the healthy trajectory earlier than traditional disease diagnosis, thus allowing more effective and less costly interventions to maintain health. Predictive Health educates people on their own health characteristics and actively engages them in healthy behaviors determined by predictive analytics, to improve and maintain health for a longer time at a lower cost than traditional disease-centered medical care.

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By addressing this CC the health of the nation will be improved: better national and individual understanding of health, greater longevity of sustained health and productivity, reduced costs of healthcare by focusing on health than on disease diagnosis and management.

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The Emory/Georgia Tech Predictive Health Institute (http://predictivehealth.emory.edu) was founded ~10 years ago by launching educational (http://predictivehealth.emory.edu/education/index.html) and scientific (http://predictivehealth.emory.edu/chd/index.html) programs to achieve the Predictive Health goals. The scientific approach created a prospective longitudinal cohort of individuals who have been richly phenotyped according to traditional medical testing (clinical laboratory, stress testing, etc) and research testing (genomics, metabolomics, regenerative cell potential, oxidative stress) to create the deepest understanding of current and future health. The success of the Predictive Health Institute demonstrates the feasibility and potential success of such a critical challenge to both human health and healthcare expenditures.

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