Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Systemic manifestations and co‐morbidities of chronic lung disease

More emphasis must be placed on systemic manifestations and co‐morbidities of chronic lung disease such as depression, oral disease and heart disease.

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Management of multiple comorbidities: Health care delivery is undergoing reform to improve

efficiency and reduce costs. At present subspecialists are generally adept at managing a narrow aspect

of an individual’s health but less commonly is a practitioner able to provide comprehensive

management of people with multiple comorbidities. Indeed, many clinical trials are performed in highly

selected cohorts yielding important results but frequently lacking the generalizability to be applied to

many of our patients. Thus, we would support efforts to optimize the design of clinical trials to be more

applicable to heterogeneous groups including elderly, people with chronic diseases, and patients

receiving multiple medications.

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