Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

T4 Translation Research Informing Early Stage Translational Research

There is a need to utilize insights gained from T4 translation research and implementation science to inform the design and execution of early-stage translational research and clinical trials.

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• Assure that early stage translation research will be suitable for implementation in real world setting

• Aligns the research interventions from T1-T3 research to those appropriate to T4 research

• Potential to focus early stage research in key high burden areas

• Provides research community an understanding of the connections from early stage to late stage translation research which will potentially refine research strategies and directions at all levels

Feasibility and challenges of addressing this CQ or CC :

• Promote the importance of translation to population of heart, lung, blood, and sleep researcher to broader research community

• Potential for more T4 research contributions for guiding investment into translation research from T1-T3

• Provide avenues for T1-T3 investigators to translate their ideas into positive outcomes for population health

• Successful T4 research will stimulate feedback loop and identify opportunities for early translation research

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