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The coupling of mechanical stress to biochemistry, molecular biology and electrophysiology

Cells aren’t beakers holding soluble reactants waiting to be mixed. Cells are structured objects where life forms as a flow of free energy between three pools: chemical, electrical and mechanical. Most papers in the literature ignore structure (except of Xray or EM of specific proteins) and almost all ignore the coupling of mechanics to the other pools. Cells cannot be studied with in vitro experiments. We can study single molecules and extrapolate to what happens in a cell, but again, cells are not beakers. If you don't study the properties of reactants in the cellular environment you won’t know how they behave in situ. All the DNA in the world will not let you build a cell anymore than the periodic table will let you build a Ferrari.

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If we learn how a third of all cellular energy is used we have a better chance of understanding the other 2/3.

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