Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

To expand the NHLBI emphasis on lymphatic research

The critical challenge is to acknowledge the central circulatory role of the lymphatic system and its requisite ability to provide integration of the circulation with the immune system. The NHLBI is challenged to provide programs, resources and education to stimulate and encourage increasing research into the function and the dysfunction of the lymphatics in human health and disease

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The poorly understood, yet vital lymphatic component of the cardiovascular system ensures the internal environment for cellular function. Dysfunction of this system can create regional disturbances (lymphedema, lymphatic vascular malformation, lymphangiectasia), lead to genetic presentations of complex disease, and also contributes to the pathogenesis of coronary disease, congestive heart failure, chronic venous disease, dyslipidemia, cancer metastasis, infection, inflammation, autoimmune disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal malfunction and many other pathologies. Improved and intensified research approaches will help to solve these compelling problems in human health and disease.

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This CC is eminently feasible, inasmuch as compelling research questions have already been identified and the tools and technologies are available to address them. The missing ingredient is funding and sufficient motivation of the investigative community by the NHLBI to step forward and address the problems.

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