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US-based Clinical Development of Innovative Medical Devices

Though innovative medical devices are often conceived of and developed in the US, US consumers are frequently the last to benefit. Innovators frequently go to market first in Europe and are now moving toward emerging countries, delaying the medical benefits available to the US population. Can the NHLBI and FDA’s CDRH, working together as sister agencies, develop strategies such as funding opportunities or collaborative regulatory science initiatives to incentivize US-based medical device development and first-in-human studies?

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Addressing this CC may empower the development of new regulatory paradigms within CDRH, enable the streamlined development of several NHLBI medical devices in the US, lead to a minimized delay in US availability for truly innovative technologies, and grow the pool of US clinicians experienced in working with device developers at the earliest stages of human/device interaction.

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In the past 18 months

• NHLBI and CDRH have executed a structured working relationship, within the NIH Centers for Accelerated Innovations, where CDRH provides high-level feedback to early stage NHLBI medical device developers.

• CDRH has developed two new programs –one to enable US conduct of early feasibility studies/first-in-human (EFS/FIH) studies and a second to provide expanded access to senior agency reviewers for innovators developing high risk technologies.

Additionally, CDRH is focused on exploring and evaluating additional pilot programs to expand first-in-human trials within the US. NHLBI’s portfolio of awardees includes a number of medical device development projects that could qualify for the EFS/FIH program. Development of new collaboration or funding opportunities focused on this segment of device developers could attract additional innovators to the NHLBI family and encourage the US-based clinical development of their innovative technologies. The relationship that has been built between NHLBI and CDRH, in conjunction with CDRH’s more open approach to working with innovators, makes this the perfect time to expand NHLBI/CDRH innovator support beyond the NCAI program and into the overall NHLBI portfolio.

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