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Using video to replace the boring highly ineffective drug monographs that accompany prescrptions

Estimates are that less than 2% of medication monographs are actually read by patients. Of those 2% only 35% fully comprehend the material. Why not use video and simpler methods to educate patients about their medicine. By coding QR tags to direct patients to education websites, we solve the drive through phenomena, the health literacy issue, and the language barrier.

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The use of printed education material in educating patients is quickly becoming obsolete. How do we match the need for knowledge (more than 65% of patients surf the web before asking for professional assistance from healthcare professionals), to effective and useful patient friendly materials.

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Control over the website is instilled in the QR code. Language choice can be an easy fix. QR codes are easily created and can be printed on a patient's receipt without compromising PCI.

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