Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Embedding Clinical Trials in Learning Health Systems

What are the best methods for using genotype information and other EMR data to randomize heart, lung, blood, sleep patients to different treatment strategies?


One big challenge is how to consent patients for this sort of trial. Must patients be consented separately for every such trial or could there be blanket consent for participating in the learning health care model? This would also require a paradigm shift in how such trials would be regulated.

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If successful this approach should enable the conduct of cheap pragmatic trials that are fueled by data from clinical care. The integration into clinical care helps assure efficiency and generalizability of results.

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The advent of electronic medical records and the explosion of big data technology has made it possible to gain access to and analyze data in a manner that would have been unthinkable 10 years ago. This is already going on in other fields.

Health care systems are increasingly using "big data" approaches to track outcomes in the patients treated with different strategies and drugs, and apply the knowledge gained from outcomes in previous patients to inform decision making in subsequent patients ("learning"). This approach could be used to personalize treatment. A recent example from cancer is to genotype lung tumors, and tailor the treatment of a new patients to drugs producing good results in patients with similar tumor genotypes. When two or more treatments produce similar results, one could randomize. Cardiovascular disease presents a challenge in using genotyping information to personalize treatment, because the manifestations are the results of complex genetic and environmental risk factors.

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