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Pulmonary rehabilitation

Can pulmonary rehabilitation change the course of COPD? Is pulmonary rehabilitation a disease-modifying therapy? Does pulmonary rehabilitation improve survival? Does pulmonary rehabilitation reduce readmissions?

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Pulmonary rehabilitation is the most effective therapy for COPD, leading to reduced shortness of breath and improved exercise capacity. It is under-utilized because of the relative paucity of studies evaluating its efficacy on mortality, hospitalization and hospital readmission.

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Feasibility is very high. In the NIH National Emphysema Treatment Trial, a standardized pulmonary rehabilitation program was developed and implemented at multiple sites, many of which did not have existing pulmonary rehabilitation programs. The effective of this pulmonary rehabilitation program was documented (Chest 2005; 128:3799). Challenges include maintenance of the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation using modern approaches to increase adherence.

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