Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Culturally Specific Preventative research

There are ample research evidence related factors contributing to obesity,type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease.The research grant money is diverted heavily on "novel" topic such as genes.The preventative efforts are the key to tackle the issues.Often times,researchers on cardiovascular prevention find it difficult to add novel ideas to convince the grant reviewers in their application.There are many communities here ...more »

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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

The role of Extracorporeal Photopheresis (ECP) in the prevention and treatment of rejection of heart and lung transplants

According to the ISHLT, more than 4,000 patients undergo a heart transplant each year, and almost 4,000 receive single or double lung transplants. Their prognosis depends heavily on the avoidance of rejection, which claims the majority of their lives. For heart transplant recipients, the median survival is 11 years, while for lung transplant recipients, it is approximately 5 years. The current most common anti-rejection ...more »

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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

CVD as a comorbidity of HIV-1 Infection

Even in cART treated HIV-1 infected subjects, development of CVD is a major co-morbidity. Research is needed to evaluate the role of various biomarkers as well as anti-retrovirals .Role of ethnicity and gender also seems to be important. Since these persons are rather younger, Framingham concept may not applicable.

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