Goal 4: Develop Workforce and Resources

Submitted by (@wjones7)

Making R01 funding work for the Medical Sciences

We need to spread R01 funding around more to ensure that the best science has funding adequate to move forward. To do this I believe changing how we think about R01 funding and expenditures can be used to put the NIH funds to better use. Too often successful researchers have the majority of their salaries on R01s and the institutions have little skin in the game. PI salaries can be a large part of the escalating budget ...more »


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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

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Moonshot: Turning the BMT EMR into a Research Record

The critical challenge is to develop a standards-based BMT electronic medical record (EMR) and integrate research capacity into the architecture of EMR systems. The ultimate goal would be to build de-identified complete data-sets which can be used to support observational studies and clinical trials, improve transplant outcomes and inform public policy.


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Goal 4: Develop Workforce and Resources

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Reproducibility Initiatives in Heart, Lung and Blood Research

Scientists feel tremendous pressure to publish numerous scientific papers in order to receive NIH funding and tenure at academic institutions. Cognitive biases of scientists and publication biases of journals that publish this barrage of papers will likely result in the publication of findings that are probably not reproducible (see "Why Most Published Research Findings Are False" by John P. A. Ioannidis in PLOS Medicine ...more »


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