Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Optimal hemoglobin threshold for transfusion in children with ARDS?

Do different hemoglobin transfusion thresholds alter outcomes in children with ARDS? What is the optimal *minimum* transfusion threshold for children with ARDS? What patient-centered outcomes can be affected by transfusion strategies: ventilator free days, time to organ function recovery, duration of intensive care stay, survival?


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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Role of anemia and iron deficiency anemia on hemoglobin A1C%

Many forms of anemia are associated with lowering HbA1C% but iron deficiency anemia modestly raises HbA1C%. The exact mechanism of anemia and iron deficiency anemia's effect on HbA1c levels is unclear. This impacts our treatment of diabetes mellitus and diabetes mellitus co-morbidity with HIV, Hepatitis C and other diseases in the presence of anemia.


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