Goal 4: Develop Workforce and Resources

Career Development in "Group Based" Science

As the current chair of the Research and Training Division, I would like to convey that the AAAAI membership would like the NHLBI to consider the following in the development of its strategic plan:


NHLBI should be challenged on how best to provide career development grants to junior faculty involved in “group based” clinical and bench science.

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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

What are the most effective strategies for reducing alarm fatigue and optimizing cardiorespiratory monitor alarm management?

Hospital cardiorespiratory monitors have great potential to save lives, but are hampered by high false alarm rates that contribute to alarm fatigue. While the long term solution is developing new medical devices that will do this better, few hospitals will benefit from new device innovations in the next decade. In order to better identify early signs of cardiorespiratory deterioration in the hospital at an early stage ...more »

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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Heart Failure Therapies

We need much more support for critical basic research to understand and develop transformative therapies for this enormous health care burden. This is not simply a question of epidemiology and large multicenter population data bases. We really need hard core science. It is impossible to know where the next breakthrough will come, and setting aside funds for hot button things - stem cells, or iPS, or gene editing per ...more »

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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

What is the optimal way to improve cardiac arrest resuscitation?

Sudden Death from cardiac arrest and gaps in knowledge of emergency cardiovascular care are the #1 killer of more than 400,000 Americans each year. This epidemic of death and disability is largely ignored and underfunded by NIH and all funding agencies and kills more than HIV, Cancer, Diabetes, and infectious diseases. There is no national registry of cardiac arrest, no mandatory reporting, and poor funding for both fundamental, ...more »

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