Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

US-based Clinical Development of Innovative Medical Devices

Though innovative medical devices are often conceived of and developed in the US, US consumers are frequently the last to benefit. Innovators frequently go to market first in Europe and are now moving toward emerging countries, delaying the medical benefits available to the US population. Can the NHLBI and FDA’s CDRH, working together as sister agencies, develop strategies such as funding opportunities or collaborative... more »


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Goal 1: Promote Human Health

Adult Cardiomyocytes in Culture

So much basic cardiovascular discovery relies on cell culture models. While cardiac cell lines exist (e.g. HL-1, H9c2), these often poorly model aspects of cardiomyocyte function in-situ (e.g. contractile function, metabolism). In contrast, primary cardiomyocytes isolated from adult animals (especially mice!) are not readily amenable to culture conditions. Even if cells can be kept alive, they are often refractory to... more »


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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Building a bridge - new approaches to dissemination

There is a need to fundamentally rethink the approach to translation and dissemination of clinical trial results. The current approach relegates dissemination as a side effect to the end of a trial and does not require sufficient funds be set aside to conduct adequate outreach. As a result, it takes up to 17 years for the results of trials to be adopted and used in everyday practice. It is time for a new model which re-prioritizes... more »


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Goal 4: Develop Workforce and Resources

Preparing a Diverse Biomedical Technology Development Workforce

How do we best develop a scientific workforce that is fluent in product development and commercialization issues? How can NHLBI best expand the training opportunities for early career scientists to prepare them for entry into the dynamic biomedical workforce landscape? There is a need for scientifically-trained experts from diverse backgrounds who also understand business needs relevant to biomedical technology development,... more »


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