Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

A Pipeline for Investigator- Initiated Translational Science

How might the NHLBI effectively encourage and support its investigators to collaborate with strategic partners to pursue the early translation of their HLBS discoveries into new diagnostics and therapeutics?


The critical challenges to effective early translation of discovery science experienced by the investigator community include:


1. The need for translational skills development, training and guidance


2. Need for support during all pre-IND phases of translational science


3.The lack of appropriate mechanisms and scientific review to facilitate reproducible pre-clinical research, including animal and humanized models, medical chemistry, and pharmacological toxicology


4.The similar lack of appropriate mechanisms and scientific review tailored to early phase or adaptive design clinical trials


Competitive, peer-reviewed investigator- initiated translational research might require centralized and coordinated NHLBI-supported Resources for efficiency and expert conduct.

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