Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Community Trials for Cardiovascular Health Enhancement

There is a need to initiate innovative community trials that are: theory-based; are integrated multi-component, multi-setting, and multi-level (i.e., they target individual, family, community, and built environment); engage community stakeholders; and use community-participatory research principles to enhance cardiovascular health (CVH) in vulnerable and diverse populations.

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Global impact on cardiovascular health.

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There are smaller scale community interventions but none in the literature that focuses on larger-scale multi-level trials as proposed here. This CQ would target vulnerable and diverse populations to reduce health disparities.
NHLBI supported the stroke belt initiative, and the exemplars in community CV health research: (e.g., the Stanford 5 City Project, The Minnesota Heart Health Program, The Pawtucket Heart Health). The next generation of community CVH research should harness the lessons from these studies, findings for the 8 Americas (Chris Murray), and numerous results from NHLBI cohort studies to implement large-scale community trials for cardiovascular health enhancement.
Resources for a large scale study could be a challenge. Ability to motivate a whole community, to prevent contamination, and to sustain interventions would be a challenge.

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