Goal 1: Promote Human Health

Critical Windows in Early Development to Maximize Lung Health

Is there a critical window of growth and development for maximizing lung function?

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Low lung function during childhood tracks to early adulthood and contributes to early onset disease. Lung health promotion is needed, but we know little about what can enhance and protect human health during rapid phases of lung development in utero and growth postnatally to adulthood.

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Researchers could turn their attention on healthy and “maximally” health populations (human and model organisms) to understand genetic and environmental exposures that influence lung function at upper ends of the spectrum (>2 SD from the mean).
Recent findings suggest that there is an urban-rural continuum of lung function in specific ethnic groups; and interventions with maternal dietary supplements can enhance lung function in offspring. These set the stage for further study on developing knowledge of early life events that can inform lung health promotion.

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