Goal 1: Promote Human Health

Developing tools/algorithms for objective evaluation of sleep health

What are the best tools/algorithms for robust and objective evaluations of sleep health biomarkers?

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Sleep deficiency is pervasive in today’s society and associated with an array of threats to health and public safety. The availability of a biomarker(s) for sleep health would turn-the-curve on developing practical and feasible ways to identify individuals at risk for sleep deficiency and prevent/manage associated risks to health and public safety on a large-scale.

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Sleep and circadian regulation is coupled to an array of behavioral, physiological and molecular/genetic processes to leverage in the development of biomarkers for sleep health.
Untreated sleep disorders and sleep deficiency pose a significant burden on health and public safety. There is currently no biomarker, or point-of-care technology available to objectively measure an individual’s level of sleep deficiency or susceptibility, a significant barrier to prevention and management.

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