Goal 4: Develop Workforce and Resources

Expanding short term Junior Faculty Training Programs such as the Summer Training Programs for Junior Faculty (PRIDE): More Pgms

Expanding the training efforts (e.g. greater number of funded summer programs, extend training beyond 2 summers, provision for 5-year grants so an additional cohort can be included) would be highly beneficial.

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Expand training efforts by increasing number of programs. The PRIDE is now turning away outstanding applicants due to the limited number of training slots across the different program. Since each program is currently training as many scholars as is feasible given their current infrastructure and resources, a solution may include increasing the number of independent programs in the PRIDE or number of trainees a given program can support. This will lead to increasing the number of independent researchers in the health-related fields who come from diverse backgrounds. Flexibility to increase the training period: Some junior faculty need more assistance than others. Some trainees from less research-intensive institutions may have had fewer opportunities to participate in research and thus have less experience and fewer (sometimes no) publications. They would greatly benefit from an initial period dedicated to increasing core research skills and publications prior to proposing and seeking independent grant funds. In the long run, they will be more likely to succeed given the extended training since the PRIDE offers opportunities to collaborate with nationally known researchers and provides access to data resources and the possibility of increasing their publication record. Also, a small percentage of the slots may be reserved for repeat participation in structured manner that provides escalating levels of support.

Name of idea submitter and other team members who worked on this idea Treva Rice for the PRIDE (Programs to increase diversity among individuals engaged in health-related research): Joe GN “Skip” Garcia, Francisco Moreno Girardin Jean-Louis, Gbenga Ogedegbe, DC Rao, Victor Davila-Roman, Mohamed Boutjdir, Betty Pace, Juan Gonzales, Bettina M Beech, Keith Norris, Marino Bruce, Alicia Fernandez, Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, and Margaret Handley.


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