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Investigating Co-Morbidities in Women's Cardiovascular Health

There are important questions related to the cardiovascular health of women, and particularly to diagnostic and therapeutic challenges arising from the common existence of co-morbid conditions. The latter consideration, as well as the limitations of the budgets of individual institutes and centers at the NIH, suggest that it may be reasonable for the NHLBI to consider cross-NIH collaborations with I/Cs that have related interests and expertise when drafting future RFAs in women’s cardiovascular health. NIA/NINDS/NIDDK may be logical, but not the only possible partners in this regard. This might increase the grant dollars available in some areas, leading to a greater return on the investment of government funds.

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Collaboration across I/Cs could encourage investigators or teams to explore new concepts underlying the etiology of common or rare cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including stroke, particularly those with gender-related differences. In addition, clinical research on these disorders would benefit from active consideration of the common co-morbidities seen in patients with CVD, especially as patients with these co-morbidities are often specifically excluded from clinical trials. Since the patients who will ultimately benefit from treatments developed will often suffer from multiple other disorders, the societal benefit would be substantial. While any single I/C could support such studies, collaborative funding would be likely to bring together new teams of investigators with novel ideas.

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We believe that there is likely to be a good response from investigators, both basic and clinical, to collaborative, multi-I/C RFAs. It might be of additional benefit to provide some funds specifically for teams that are newly collaborative in response to the RFAs, to encourage increased cross-field collaboration.

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