Goal 4: Develop Workforce and Resources

Research training to support population-focused obesity research in ethnic minority populations

NIH is already facing a challenge in increasing the number and viability of researchers of color. Obesity research in black (or other high risk minority) populations can be used to explore how research training programs that focus on specific issues of importance to populations of color might contribute to the recruitment and success of ethnic minority researchers in the NIH system.

Is this idea a Compelling Question (CQ) or Critical Challenge (CC)? Critical Challenge (CC)

Details on the impact of addressing this CQ or CC

To say the least, not all researchers of color study disparities related issues and not all disparities research is done by researchers of color. That is the way it should be. However, I suspect that research focusing on populations of color would attract a greater than average proportion of researchers of color (NIMHD might have data on this but NIMHD funding alone would be grossly insufficient as the only relevant funding stream. It would also be inappropriate and ineffective to silo the entire burden as an NIMHD responsibility).

Feasibility and challenges of addressing this CQ or CC

The infrastructure for such training might not exist. Isolated minority researchers attached to various centers and programs would not necessarily work; some sort of networking would have to be done based on an infrastructure devoted to population-oriented obesity research and with a critical mass of obesity researchers focusing on the black (or other) population..

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