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Role of anemia and iron deficiency anemia on hemoglobin A1C%

Many forms of anemia are associated with lowering HbA1C% but iron deficiency anemia modestly raises HbA1C%. The exact mechanism of anemia and iron deficiency anemia's effect on HbA1c levels is unclear. This impacts our treatment of diabetes mellitus and diabetes mellitus co-morbidity with HIV, Hepatitis C and other diseases in the presence of anemia.

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Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1C%) is a widely used marker for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus (DM). Understanding how anemia and iron deficiency anemia affects HbA1C% informs the practitioner on proper dosing of oral and insulin based medication regimens, on the impact of diet and exercise in HbA1C% and erythrocyte turnover, and the incidence and prevalence of DM in sub-populations.

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With the advent of continous glucose monitoring, studies can be set up for measuring impact of disease state, medication and lifestyle on erythrocyte and seum glucose in addition to basic science on hemoglobin/RBC changes under varying glucose concentrations

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