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Sleep Apnea - Diagnostic Test

The notion that in order to be treated with CPAP for sleep apnea you first must have a diagnostic test, which involves either a sleep laboratory or a home study, needs to be examined.

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This idea is far reaching and possibly ahead of the curve a bit but it represents a direction that the sleep apnea field eventually should explore. Consider developing a clinical diagnosis of sleep apnea based on clinical symptoms and exam findings and then randomized those patients meeting the definition to a trial of autocpap for 3 months or to a traditional evaluation (home diagnostic test then APAP) for 3 months. Close follow up is necessary but with wireless telephony now available for CPAP and estimates of AHI available through CPAP adherence downloads, this study is feasible. If such a case diagnosis of sleep apnea can be developed (and I believe it can), then many more patients may be able to be treated. This approach, if successful, would shake-up the field considerably and potentially opens up treatment to many more OSA sufferers.

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