Goal 1: Promote Human Health

Study wellness instead of diseases by longitudinal follow-up of frequent and long term blood donors

Blood donors (especially young donors) in general represent healthy populations. Longitudinal follow-up of frequent and long term blood donors can be useful to establish data and sample sources for the study of wellness, instead of disease (especially for blood diseases). Not only it can be used as healthy controls, it can also be used to predict the wellness factors such as genetic variation, life style, exercise patterns, etc.

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Once such study is established, it can be used as a wellness model/control for many diseases and conditions. The longer we have the study, more useful it will become. This can help us to change or optimize our health care model, from treating diseases to maintain wellness.

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This can be quite feasible as there are many frequent and long term donors. They care about others’ health as well as their own health. They are also very willing to support research. Follow-up can start from early adulthood.

With funding support this can be achieved.

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