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What are the mechanisms of lung injury after HCT

Despite major advances in supportive care and tissue typing non relapse mortality rates for adults undergoing hematopoietic cell transplantation are still between 15-20 % at 2 years.

Lung injury and respiratory failure is a major causes of death after HCT.

Although the BMT-CTN has a focused agenda on GVHD, reduction of lung toxicities will be important to improve outcomes.

NHLBI should encourage researched from the Lung Branch to work together with the BMT CTN investigators to develop a network aimed at identifying mechanism of lung injury after HCT, discover biomarkers that predict lung injury and develop both treatment and preventive strategies.

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Discovery of mechanisms of lung injury in the HCT setting are likely to be relevant for the non HCT setting.
The BMT CTN prospectively collects data on lung toxicity on all HCT recipients on trial, samples exist in the repository that could be used for biomarker discovery.

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Main challenge is to get the two teams of investigators working together

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