Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

What pathobiology underlies the interaction of the diabetogenic hormone amylin with vascular media ?

Amylin is synthesized and co-secreted with insulin by pancreatic beta-cells, plays a complex role in peripheral energy homeostasis, and shows also a high propensity to oligomerize when overexpressed (hyperamylinemia). Accumulation of oligomerized amylin is a pathological hallmark of the islet in diabetic patients and induces oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis. However, recent studies found significant deposits of oligomerized amylin in failing hearts and kidneys from diabetic patients, and in brains of diabetic patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Vascular amylin deposits seem particularly abundant in all these pathologies. Finding out if oligomerized amylin contributes to vascular injury remains a key knowledge gap,

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