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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Interactions between anticoagulant therapy and antiretroviral drugs

Cardiovascular pathology has become a major problem in the management of the HIV-infected patient during the ART era. A large number of HIV patients will receive anticoagulants drugs for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. It is therefore critical to understand the interactions between antiretroviral therapy and anticoagulant therapy to safely treat HIV patients.

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With over 50% of HIV-infected patients in the US anticipated to be > 50 years of age by 2015, the overall risk of CVD will be significantly higher and could become the main challenge for the management of chronic HIV infection. A large number of HIV-infected patients with CVD will therefore need treatment for primary and secondary prevention of atherothrombotic events. The secondary prevention of CVD almost invariably includes prescription of one or multiple anticoagulants drugs. It is therefore conceivable that anticoagulant therapies will be frequently associated with ART for the management of HIV patients, which already developed CVD. The interactions between these therapies are not well studied and are critical for the management of the HIV-infected patients.

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Feasibility: 1) retrospective studies on a large number of HIV patients that had cardiovascular events and were treated with antiretroviral drugs; 2) prospective studies comparing different antiretroviral regimens associated with the most current anticoagulant therapy recommended for secondary prevention of CV disease; 3) use of animal models of AIDS for testing new anticoagulants and the interaction with the antiretroviral drugs.

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