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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Harnessing Lung Regenerative Capacity to Improve and Increase Donor Lungs for Transplantation.

Using knowledge of matrix biology and lung development, what are useable methods to modify cadaveric donor lungs to provide a durable, effective organ replacement therapy?

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A major advance in this area will increase the number of donor lungs available for lung transplantation

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A number of stem and progenitor cells involved in lung repair and regeneration have been identified. Targeting them for expansions in damaged donor lungs may turn these damaged lungs into healthier lungs that can then be used for lung transplant safely.
Most of the donor lungs are not suitable for lung transplantation because the premorbid conditions of the donors often also damaged the lungs. Bioreactors have been used to “rehab” these damaged lungs and optimizing the ex vivo condition in these bioreactors may accelerate the lung repair process.

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