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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Create a National Action Plan for COPD

Lead a coordinated effort of government, patient advocacy organizations, professional organizations, payers and others to plan and implement a coordinated plan to improve COPD awareness, education for patients and healthcare professionals, treatment strategies, research and data collection, policies and public health infrastructure and programs.

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Unlike most leading causes of death and disability, there is no coordinated effort to lower disease burden associated with COPD. Coordinated plans provide a forum for identifying the most pressing issues that must be tackled, for setting goals and convening partners from different disciplines and are a framework upon which policy change can be achieved. In order to make meaningful progress in the impact that COPD is having on patients, health systems and payers, coordinated planning and action is needed and NHLBI can lead the way but time is of the essence.

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There are proven models of multi-stakeholder, public and private partnerships to tackle disease burden and create national plans. There are also multiple national and regional organizations standing ready to assist in these efforts.

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