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Goal 4: Develop Workforce and Resources

Making R01 funding work for the Medical Sciences

We need to spread R01 funding around more to ensure that the best science has funding adequate to move forward. To do this I believe changing how we think about R01 funding and expenditures can be used to put the NIH funds to better use. Too often successful researchers have the majority of their salaries on R01s and the institutions have little skin in the game. PI salaries can be a large part of the escalating budget... more »


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Goal 1: Promote Human Health

Qigong and Tai Chi for Chronic Disease Prevention

Non-pharmacological interventions for pain and stress have gained tremendous momentum.

Mind-Body Practice -- Qigong and Tai Chi -- are group based and inexpensive to implement. The evidence base suggests that these practices are safe and effective for a multitude of preventable chronic disorders..

Given safety and efficacy, should there be vigorous research on implementation of Qigong and Tai Chi and... more »


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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Don’t ask, don’t tell; the hidden costs of heart, lung & stem cell transplantation:Financial burden on transplant survivors

Thousands of patients get cured of their diseases with organ and/or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), but what happens after that to their social and financial life? Drug costs, multiple tests, travel to transplant centers, and many other factors cost a fortune to the patients (and their insurers). Can the NHLBI provide systems based approach longitudinally to alleviate the long term cost burden on patients... more »


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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Developing adherence research to reduce unnecessary mobility/mortality/cost

From Cochrane Review NOV 20 2014
RB Haynes

“It is uncertain how medicine adherence can consistently be improved so that the full health benefits of medicines can be realized. We need more advanced methods for researching ways to improve medicine adherence, including better interventions, better ways of measuring adherence, and studies that include sufficient patients to draw conclusions on clinically important effects.”... more »


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