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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Risk-benefit of oral hypoglycemic medication in type 2 diabetes

Is an increase in macrovascular endpoints outweighed by the benefit in microvascular end points in new oral type 2 diabetes drugs?


It would go against the current regulatory paradigm in type 2 diabetes. Although drug companies do not like the current paradigm, they would prefer to go back to the pre-rosiglitazone state of affairs, in which new drugs had only to prove that they lowered blood glucose and HbA1c.


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Goal 1: Promote Human Health

Nefarious substances in the US blood supply

Prescription and illicit drug is everpresent in the US, which can potentially result in controlled substances entering the US blood supply. Passive transfer of immune allergens is only anecdotally been reported as peanut allergens, fish allergens, and contrast material. However, US blood donors are only screened for a limited number of medications on the universal donor health questionnaire at time of collection. What,... more »


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